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Dig Out The Hidden Talent

Why you should Join Spade?

Because of the Never Ending Benefits as a SPADE Members


Spade members always find it easy and motivating that every member try his best to help other's even in difficult situations.


Spade organization is known for there hardworking skills, no matter how much we are engaged in, we'll never let you down.


New Spadians always find it beneficial that even being a new member, they'll always get their chance to prove themselves and they won't be left behind anyhow.

Team Spirit

It is said that the best team is made from their whole team spirit, despite being from different states or even nation if they give there best, then they always get there best results like Spade.


Members giving their best for the work are spotted differently and for there excellent response they get to lead there own team and work like a leader.

New field work

Student's from different courses get interest in different field work and learn new things.

Explore The Fields That Interests You

  • Event Management
  • Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Website Development and Database
  • Reasearch and Development
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Planing and Development
  • Human Resource and Public Relations


See what our great personalities are saying.
"The unique thing about SPADE is that its entire team works endlessly towards helping clients achieve their GOALS . SPADE Committee Members are self motivated , talented , creative , enthusiastic, extremely dedicated and passionate. "
Ms Malvinder Gill
Asst. Director
"Dear spadians, it's very nice to see spade growing to this fast speed all over India/world. It's my pleasure to be with you in this journey from first day to till now. I appreciate your dedication and passion for knowledge. Keep it up. All the best. Always with you all."
Dr. Richa Gupta.
Assistant professor cum jr.scientist, Birsa Agriculture University, Ranchi.
"Dear spadians Your area wonderful group of people. It was amazing to be at LPU for a short period. I wish you guys all the best"
Dr. Madhusanka Liyanage
Assistant Professor University College Dublin Oulun Yliopisto Ireland
"It was simply fantastic to have all around us. I learned and enjoyed amazingly here! Best of luck spadians."
Dr. Anshuman Kalla
Associate Professor Manipal University Jaipur
"Dear brothers and sisters It's been a pleasure to meet you all. The spadians are so wonderful, exciting and all above the great human being. Thanku all for making us part of the SPADE family. I wish you all a best of luck."
Dr. Pardeep kumar
Lecturer,Dept of computer science, Swansea University, UK

About Us

Spade is the student organization which is "by the student" ,"for the student" and "to the student" is a Tier FIVE Organization to enhance professional and service aspiration of student life through participation in group programs and activities in order to bring forward the hidden talent and provide them an opportunity.

“Our mission is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to dig out the hidden talent and provide the platform with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”.

We have also registered this as a company to experience the outside world and also swim the hardship to gain even more experience. Visit: for more info.